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Undersea New Zealand

Only 7% of New Zealand is visible above sea level!

nz in 3d

Zealandia in 3D

The largely submerged continental landmass of Zealandia consists of a series of plateaux and elongated ridges, and covers a seafloor area of over 6 million km2.

This undersea realm is more than 20 times greater than New Zealand’s onshore area of 280,000 km2. The vast stretches of Zealandia intercept powerful ocean currents and waters of tropical to polar origin. The ocean floor is subject to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as well as vigorous weather systems, resulting in an array of dynamic marine environments teeming with life in the deep. New Zealand’s geological foundation is split by the Pacific-Australian tectonic plate boundary, resulting in frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity.

You can watch a virtual fly-by over it here.

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