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New Zealand Digital Well Summary Sheets


This is a collection of standardised composite logs. It consists of workstation ready-to-load well data for open file New Zealand wells linking drilling operations, acquisition and post-drill data.

  • 86 Taranaki Basin wells
  • 12 East Coast wells
  • 8 Great South Basin
  • 1 Solander Basin wells
  • 6 Canterbury Basin wells
  • 2 Northland wells
  • 3 Westland Basin wells
  • 1 Whanganui Basin well
  • 1 Waiau Basin Well

Well sheets are available at a cost of up to $3,000 a sheet, and upon request we also prepare sheets for wells not included in this list.

View the location of available wells: New Zealand, North Island, South Island.

Each well sheets includes:

  • General well header information
  • Drilling operations data: casing points, deviation, mud type
  • Logging information: wireline logs, lithology, chronostratigraphy, shows, checkshots
  • Well test data: LOT, FIT, RFT, DST
  • Post-well analyses: paleobathymetry, sedimentology, geochemistry
  • Customised data: seismic profiles, marker horizons, key biostratigraphc events

Hardcopy outputs are typically scaled at 1:5,000 or 1:2,500 scale (customized scales available) and digital copies are in WellCad and PDF format with accompanying ASCII files.

Example well sheet:

Example well data:

A selection of well sheets (listed below) are available free of charge and can be downloaded from Petroleum Basin Explorer (PBE):

Selected wells from the Kupe and Maari Field area.

L. Roncaglia. GNS Science Data Series 1a.
14 exploration and appraisal wells: Kea-1, Kupe-1, Kupe South-1, -2, -4, -5, Maari-1, -2, Maui-4, North Tasman-1, Pukeko-1, Tahi-1, Te Whatu-2, Toru-1.

Selected wells from the Maui and Tui Fields.

Roncaglia, L., Griffin, A., Tamin, F., Boyes, A. 2012. GNS Science Data Series 1b.

11 exploration and appraisal wells: Amokura-1, Kiwi-1, Maui-1, Maui-2, Maui-3, Maui-7, MB-P8, Moki-1, Moki-2A, Pateke-2, Tui-1.

Selected wells from the East Coast Region.

A.G. Griffin, 2012. GNS Science Data Series 1c.
7 exploration and appraisal wells: Hawke Bay-1, Hukarere-1, Kauhauroa-4B, Rere-1, Tawatawa-1, Titihaoa-1, Tuhara-1.

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