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Isabelle ChambefortEnergy Futures Theme Leader

Chambefort Isabelle 2419


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  • PhD, Earth Sciences
  • MSc
  • BSc

Areas of expertise

  • Geology: Petrology
  • Geology: Mineral deposit research
  • Geology: Geological mapping
  • Geology: Petrography
  • Geology: Volcanology
  • Geology: Geological alteration mapping
  • Geology: Geochemical alteration mapping
  • Geology: Hydrothermal alteration mapping
  • Geology: Mineral and rock indentification
  • Geology: Geochemistry
  • Geology: Mineralogy
  • Geology: Geothermal
  • Geology: Epithermal/Porphyry Systems
  • Geology: Subduction Zone Magmatism
  • Geology: Mineral Chemistry
  • Geology: Optical Mineralogy
  • Geology: Igneous Petrology

Major Publications

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  • Rooyakkers, S.M.; Faure, K.; Chambefort, I.; Barker, S.J.; Elms, H.C.; Wilson, C.J.N.; Charlier, B.L.A. 2023. Tracking magma-crust-fluid interactions at high temporal resolution : oxygen isotopes in young silicic magmas of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 24(1): e2022GC010694. DOI: 10.1029/2022GC010694. e2022GC010694
  • Chambefort, I.; Dilles, J.H. 2023. Chemical vectoring in continental geothermal systems : composition of altered rocks and illite as guides to magmatic degassing, Geothermics 110: article 102682. DOI: 10.1016/j.geothermics.2023.102682. article 102682
  • Jolie, E.; Scott, S.; Faulds, J.; Chambefort, I.; Axelsson, G.; Gutierrez-Negrin, L.C.; Regenspurg, S.; Ziegler, M.; Ayling, B.; Richter, A.; Zemedkun, M.T. 2021. Geological controls on geothermal resources for power generation, Nature Reviews Earth & Environment 2(5): p. 324-339. DOI: 10.1038/s43017-021-00154-y. p. 324-339
  • Chambefort, I.; Stefánsson, A. 2020. Fluids in geothermal systems, Elements 16(6): p. 407-411. DOI: 10.2138/gselements.16.6.407. p. 407-411
  • Chambefort, I.; Lewis, B.D.; Simpson, M.P.; Bignall, G.; Rae, A.J.; Ganefianto, N. 2017. Ngatamariki geothermal system: magmatic to epithermal transition in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand, Economic Geology 112(2): p. 319-346. DOI: 10.2113/econgeo.112.2.319. p. 319-346


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