Late Miocene c.10Ma

Late Miocene map

Volcanic arc(s) active in north. Clockwise rotation of subduction margin, and oblique convergence along Alpine Fault, "squeezing" the proto-NZ landmass into elongate belt parallel to plate boundary. Subduction south of NZ. Widespread compression, formation of petroleum trapping structures. Increasing tempo of uplift, erosion and sediment supply; deposition of regressive clastic wedges and turbidites (potential reservoir rocks).

Colour coding: white = terrestrial non-deposition; green = terrestrial deposition; yellow = marginal marine sand-dominated facies; pale blue-grey = shelf; mid-blue = slope or submarine rise; dark blue = deep ocean. Faults, subduction zones, and seafloor spreading centres shown in red. Pink circles = active volcanism.

Basins depicted include: Taranaki (TB), East Coast (ECB), Canterbury (CB), Great South (GSB) . PT = Puysegur Trench .

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