Field Trips

Specialist field trips: exploring New Zealand’s sedimentary basins

No. days New Zealand Field Trips
3 Onshore Northland: Behind-arc tectonics, sediments and hydrocarbons
4 Northern Taranaki: Slope-to-basin floor sequences
2-3 Whanganui Basin: Outcrop sequence stratigraphic analogue for shallow-water depositional systems
1-5 East Coast Region: Subduction margin overview, source and reservoir facies
3 Hawke’s Bay: Outcrop analogues for shallow- to marginal-marine depositional systems
1-5 Raukumara: Petroleum system analogues for the Raukumara Basin
1 Wairarapa day trip : Subduction margin overview, source and reservoir facies
3 Northwest Nelson: Cretaceous outcrop analogues for non-marine and shallow marine source and reservoir facies
3-5 Canterbury Basin: Outcrop analogues for Mid-Cretaceous to Early Tertiary source rocks and reservoir facies
2-3 Canterbury Plains Braid Delta: Outcrop analogue for sequence development, with reservoir implications
2-4 West Coast: Paralic coal measure sediments
3+ Chatham Islands: Costal plain and shallow marine Mid-Cretaceous source and reservoir sediments
2-3 Great South Basin: Outcrop analogues for Mid Cretaceous to Tertiary source, reservoir and seal facies

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