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Stratigraphy and Well Correlation

Decreasing uncertainty in your model

Download Stratigraphy and Well Correlation flier:

Our services and expertise include:

  • data integration - combining wireline logs, cuttings and core interpretation with bio-, litho- and seismic stratigraphy.
  • local and full-basin interpretations - placing reservoirs in a sequence stratigraphic context and determining burial history and basin evolution.
  • stratigraphy to seismic integration - new and existing well data are reassessed and integrated to the seismic dataset and horizon interpretation in 2D and 3D.
  • subsurface characterisation - identification of reservoirs and seals, and evaluation of the storage potential in deep saline aquifers and depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs.
  • paleo-water depth maps - generated from well and seismic data to highlight seabed morphology and potential migration path trends.
  • Well to seismic ties- litho-, bio- and chronostratigraphic well tops tied to the seismic data.

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