Borehole Imaging

Independent third party interpretation of borehole image data

Download Borehole analysis flier:

  • raw data QC - initial assessment of data suitability through to data repair if applicable.
  • image processing - converting raw data to statically- and dynamically normalised false-colour images.
  • structural analysis - determination of structural dip, fracture characterisation with core integration, and in-situ stress assessment.
  • sedimentological analysis - sediment dispersal, image facies analysis, integration with core and/or biostratigraphy, generation of pseudo-logs.
  • qualitative petrophysics - identification of permeability barriers, visual estimates of porosity, calculation of net:gross.
  • integration - essential calibration carried out against data derived from other sources, such as seismic, core, wireline conventional logs, LWD/MWD and outcrop data
  • suitability - the process is suitable for sedimentary deposits, igneous and metamorphic rocks, and geothermal settings. There is no restriction on well bore trajectory.

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