GNS Science provides practical training for the geothermal industry, from introductory to specialist level to build capability and transfer knowledge. Individual or small group training can be delivered in New Zealand and internationally, and tailored to client requirements.

geothermal training

Introduction to geothermal exploration
Introduction to geothermal systems and the process of geothermal exploration, exploration drilling and resource evaluation. Participants gain capability to understand and develop the exploration of geothermal prospects. 3-day generic short course.

geothermal sampling small file

Leapfrog Geothermal: 3D geological modelling
Integrated 3D geological modelling and visualisation software for the geothermal industry. Participants can create comprehensive 3D models of field geology, including stratigraphy and structures, rock properties and reservoir parameters. 3-days generic course or 5-day course customised to client data.

Leapfrog Geothermal Indonesia 2012.pdf (989.09 kB)

geothemal training

Geothermal borehole image interpretation
Overview of wireline logging, acoustic borehole imaging, geological interpretation and integration with other techniques. Participants will be able to critically assess interpretations, and understand the applications of data from acoustic borehole imaging technology in the geothermal industry. 1-day course.

Field training
Tailored training courses in geological methods, geophysical techniques and chemical sampling. Participants are mentored within our laboratories and in the field so that they gain a clear understanding of, and confidence using, a range of specialist equipment.

Customised training
A specific training programme tailored to suit client needs. Targeted industry training for all stages of geothermal exploration, development and production, including geology, geochemistry, geophysics, and reservoir engineering.

Geothermal education and training for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Delivery of short courses, laboratory and field training, as well as internships. Introductory level or specialist subjects.