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Tools, Techniques & Case Studies

Development of improved social, economic and policy frameworks to promote increased utilisation of geothermal energy; development of innovative capabilities, new and improved tools and techniques; and undertaking of case studies.

Project Leader: Greg Bignall

Research Collaborators: Environmental Management Services

Task 1: Geothermal and Society (Task Leader: Brian Carey)

  • Builders and architects perceptions and awareness study
  • Development of the Geothermal Heat-Pump Association of NZ (GHANZ) supported to increase uptake of GHPs in NZ
  • Microeconomic study of geothermal heat pumps in NZ
  • Review of low temperature geothermal energy roadmap
  • Builder/architect perceptions and awareness study
  • Early adopters study of geothermal heat pumps in New Zealand
  • NZ Geoheat strategy
  • Technologies for geothermal direct use and conversion
  • Survey of Maori uptake of low temperature geothermal resources
  • Macroeconomic study of geothermal in New Zealand
  • Microeconomic study of geothermal direct use application in New Zealand
  • Study of direct heat use uptake trends in other countries
  • Co-location study of resources and demand
  • Review of education curriculum for geothermal energy
  • Review of technology and demand reports
  • District heating assessment for New Zealand

Task 2: Case Studies (Task Leader: Greg Bignall)

  • Hydrological changes in the Rotorua System during recovery
  • Portable IR spectrometer for hydrothermal clay mineral identification
  • Collation/collection of remote sensing data (e.g. LIDAR, INSAR, TIR, visual) at selected site(s) to resolve system change and to help developers manage their operations
  • Application of field- and lab-based tools that support geothermal resource delineation