New Research Knowledge

New knowledge and understanding from government-funded research programmes and industry/end-user funded research.


  • Bore hole evaluation and visualisation for temperatures up to 300°C with Mighty River Power (Lawrence, Bignall)
  • 3D geological visualisation (modelling) of geothermal systems with ARANZ. The Ohaaki model was completed in 2008, other geothermal fields are underway (Alcaraz, Milicich, Kilgour, Bignall).
  • Developing seismic arrays to monitor micro-earthquakes for Mighty River Power, Contact Energy (Bannister, Sherburn).
  • Correlation of stratigraphic units with alteration and borehole flow measurements to aid well targeting at Ohaaki (Contact Energy) and Mokai (Mighty River Power) (Bignall, Rae, Milicich).
  • Magnetotellurics: developing innovative methodologies to model deep subsurface structures using MT, with the specific capability to deconvolute shallow resistivity data from the deeper MT measurements (Caldwell, Bibby).