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Geothermal Projects in New Zealand

Supporting the sustainable development of New Zealand’s geothermal resources.

  • Geological rig services, targeting a variety of permeability structures, at Rotokawa, Mokai, Ohaaki, Kawerau, Nga Tamariki and Wairakei for Contact Energy and Mighty River Power (Bignall, Rae, Milicich, Rosenberg, Ramirez, Kilgour)
  • Geoscientific advice on production chemistry at the Wairakei Power Station (Mroczek)
  • Geoscientific reporting and preparation of Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) for geothermal resources consent applications, as well as expert witness representation for Environmental Court hearings (Bromley, Rosenberg, Carey, et al.)
  • Geoscientific and engineering services to assess the potential energy and/or direct use of a low temperature geothermal resource at Ohinemutu, Rotorua (Carey, Bignall, Bromley, Mroczek)
  • Surface feature monitoring, including photographic surveys, measurement of physical parameters and chemical analyses) for geothermal fields including Mokai, Kawerau, Wairakei and Rotokawa (Graham, Hurrell).
  • Magnetotelluric (MT) survey of the Ngawha Geothermal Field (Reeves, Bennie, Caldwell, Graham).
  • Resource assessments for Ngati Whakaue Tribal Lands Trust and Opepe Farm Trust to describe the character of their low temperature geothermal resources and provide technical advice to assist in future decision-making (Rae, Bignall, Milicich, Reeves).
  • Analysis of selected constituents in geothermal gas and water samples from the Uganda Fourth Power Project (Wairakei Analytical Laboratory).
  • Airbourne infrared surveys and visualisation of geothermal features in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, including Hipaua, Waihi, Mokai and Tauhara (Reeves, Bromley).
  • Resource assessment to determine the possible direct heat use and energy (electricity) generation potential of the Rotokawa Geothermal Field for Tauhara 3B Trust (Bignall, Bromley)