GNS Science promotes geothermal development via exploration strategies supported by specialist multidisciplinary geoscience investigation.

geothermal sampling

Evaluation of existing geoscientific data, resource assessments, expert advice and recommendations for exploration programmes, licensing and consenting.

Field surveys to map geology and structure, and document the distribution and type of geothermal manifestations. The geology and structure of the target area are placed in a regional setting.

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Field Sampling
Sampling (water/gas) and chemical characterisation of surface features and reservoir fluids for interpretation of subsurface temperatures, processes and flow paths.

Water & gas analysis
Analysis of major and trace ion components, as well as stable isotopes.

Detailed mineralogical analyses of rocks, drill core and cuttings using optical microscopy, XRD and fluid inclusion analysis. Inferring reservoir temperatures, chemistry, and geohydrological conditions.

Conceptual modelling
Development of conceptual reservoir models, incorporating available geoscientific information.