GNS Science supports the long-term, sustainable use of geothermal energy and seeks to enable sustained geothermal generation, improved production effectiveness, and mitigation of environmental impacts.

Design and execution of programmes, including microseismicity, groundwater, ground deformation, and changes to surface thermal features.

Production chemistry
Monitoring of well discharge chemistry to identify changes in reservoir performance. Monitoring and managing corrosion and scaling potential in geothermal pipelines and power plants.

Resource management
Expert advice to support long-term sustainability. Informing efficient and effective reservoir, field and power station decision-making.

Tracer studies
Radioactive and chemical tracers to locate permeability paths, and methods for quantitative determination of mass flow and chemical fluxes.

Refinement of field, reservoir and regional models to inform efficient and effective decision making.

Peer review
Independent, expert advice for production and injection strategies, and field management plans.