GNS Geothermal and Groundwater (GGW) database


The GNS Geothermal and Groundwater (GGW) database securely stores a collection of hydrological, geochemical (sampling and chemistry), geological and geophysical data collected from over 1500 sites within New Zealand for groundwater and geothermal research purposes.


This includes publicly accessible datasets from the Nationally Significant National Groundwater Monitoring Programme, the Volcano Monitoring Programme and the Bay of Plenty Geothermal Feature project. The GGW database also holds restricted access information from regional councils, and past and present research and consultancy project data.

Access to GGW requires agreement with the GNS Science terms and conditions. After accepting the terms and conditions, the screen will refresh to the GGW “Home” page. The system has been set-up with cookies to “remember” that you have agreed, therefore the terms and conditions may not re-appear on a recurring visit.