Central South Island Glacial Geomorphology

Interactive web map

The Central South Island glacial geomorphological (CSIGG) map forms part of a comprehensive paleoclimate research project investigating the history of glacier behaviour in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The map was compiled at a scale of 1:50,000, generalised for presentation at 1:100,000 scale.


The central South Island glacial geomorphological (CSIGG) digital dataset documents the distributions of glaciers, glacial moraines, outwash plains, and a range of other landforms. The focus of the map is on landforms rather than on rock types or geological deposits. A geomorphologic map highlights the origins and ages of landforms, and this map places particular emphasis on the landforms produced by glaciers and their meltwater rivers. Details of the compilation and limitations of the dataset, and explanatory information are available on the CSIGG page.

The CSIGG map has been used as a foundation for dating of glacial landforms, focusing on the use of cosmogenic isotopes. The dating work is documented in a series of paleoclimate research papers, focused on determining the age, and the local to global significance, of the glacial landforms of the central Southern Alps.

This webmap is best viewed using a browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Google Chrome. The most detailed scale at which this webmap can be viewed is limited to 1:25,000.

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