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Xiaoming WangTsunami Scientist

Wang Xiaoming 2335



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  • MSc, Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
  • BSc, Hydraulic Engineering
  • PhD, Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology

Areas of expertise

  • Geophysics: Modelling
  • Geophysics: Tsunami physics modelling
  • Geophysics: Tsunami hazard analysis
  • Geophysics: Numerical Methods
  • Geophysics: Water Wave Dynamics
  • Engineering: Hydrodynamics
  • Geophysics: Landslide Modelling

Major Publications

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  • Liu, P. L-F.; Wang, X. 2012. A multi-layer model for nonlinear internal wave propagation in shallow water, Journal of fluid mechanics 695: p. 341-365. p. 341-365
  • Beavan, R.J.; Wang, X.; Holden, C.; Wilson, K.J.; Power, W.L.; Prasetya, G.; Bevis, M.; Kautoke, R. 2010. Near-simultaneous great earthquakes at Tongan megathrust and outer rise in September 2009, Nature 466(7309): p. 959-964. DOI: 10.1038/nature09292. p. 959-964
  • Liu, P.L.-F.; Wang, X.; Salisbury, A.J. 2009. Tsunami hazard and early warning system in South China Sea, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 36(1): p. 2-12. p. 2-12
  • Liu, P.L.-F.; Wang, X. 2008. Tsunami source region parameter identification and tsunami forecasting, Journal of earthquake and tsunami 2(2): p. 87-106. p. 87-106
  • Wang, X.; Liu, P.L.-F. 2006. An analysis of 2004 Sumatra earthquake fault plane mechanisms and Indian Ocean tsunami, Journal of hydraulic research 44(2): p. 147-154. p. 147-154
  • Wang, X.; Liu, P.L.-F. 2005. A numerical investigation of Boumerdes-Zemmouri (Algeria) earthquake and tsunami, Computer modeling in engineering & sciences 10(2): p. 171-184. p. 171-184


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