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William PowerSenior Geophysicist - Scientific Programmer

Power William 3105



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  • PhD, Physics
  • MA, Physics
  • BSc, Physics

Areas of expertise

  • Information Technology: Application development
  • Geophysics: Mathematical inversion techniques
  • Information Technology: Numerical modelling
  • Geophysics: Tsunami physics modelling
  • Social Science: Climate change mitigation modelling
  • Geophysics: Tsunami hazard analysis

Major Publications

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  • Power, W.L.; Downes, G.L. 2009. Tsunami hazard assessment, Volcanic and tectonic hazard assessment for nuclear facilities : p. 276-306. p. 276-306
  • Power, W.L.; Downes, G.L.; Stirling, M.W. 2007. Estimation of tsunami hazard in New Zealand due to South American earthquakes, Pure and Applied Geophysics 164(2/3): p. 547-564. DOI: 10.1007/s00024-006-0166-3. p. 547-564
  • Reese, S.; Cousins, W.J.; Power, W.L.; Palmer, N.G.; Tejakusuma, I.G.; Nugrahadi, S. 2007. Tsunami vulnerability of buildings and people in South Java : field observations after the July 2006 Java tsunami, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 7(5): p. 573-589. p. 573-589
  • Power, W.L.; Downes, G.L.; McSaveney, M.J.; Beavan, R.J.; Hancox, G.T. 2005. The Fiordland earthquake and tsunami, New Zealand, 21 August 2003, Tsunamis : case studies and recent developments : p. 31-42. p. 31-42
  • Power, W.L.; Allen, L.; Babiker, M.; Lembessis, V.E. 1995. Atomic motion in light-beams possessing orbital angular-momentum, Physical review. A 52(1): p. 479-488. p. 479-488
  • Babiker, M.; Power, W.L.; Allen, L. 1994. Light-induced torque on moving atoms, Physical review letters 73(9): p. 1239-1242. p. 1239-1242


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