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Patrina DumaruSenior Social Scientist

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Environmental Social Science

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Patrina is a Senior Social Scientist with the Social and Behavioural Science Team. She specializes in climate and disaster risk reduction planning and monitoring and evaluation. She also specialises in the use of participatory action research (PAR) tools for assessing climate vulnerability vulnerability from a human security and wellbeing perspective and is currently carrying out research on: wellbeing impact assessment of resilience investments; PAR on climate change adaptation and groundwater research; social licensing and just transition related to geothermal mineral extraction for renewable energy development; and perception of resilience among Pasifika youth.


  • PhD, Development
  • Postgraduate Diploma, Geography
  • PhD, Science - Climate Adaptation
  • BA, Community Development

Areas of expertise

  • Social Science: Interviewing
  • Social Science: Land Use Planning
  • Social Science: Social Vulnerability Analysis
  • Social Science: Impact Assessment
  • Social Science: Disaster risk management
  • Social Science: Community resilience building
  • Social Science: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
  • Social Science: Focus Groups
  • Social Science: Community Resilience
  • Social Science: Climate change policy
  • Social Science: Perceptions of energy resources
  • Social Science: Participatory Action Research
  • Social Science: Environmental perceptions
  • Business Development: Impact Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Social Science: Socio-economic impacts
  • Social Science: Disaster Impact Reduction


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