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Gill JollyVolcanologist

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  • MA, Geological Sciences
  • PhD, Physical volcanology

Areas of expertise

  • Geology: Petrology
  • Geology: Volcanology
  • Geology: Volcano surveillance
  • Geology: Hazard Assessment
  • Geology: Geochemistry
  • Geology: 3D modelling
  • Geology: Team Leader / Project Management
  • Geology: Hazards impact on society

Major Publications

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  • Rattenbury, M.S.; Jolly, G.E.; Benfell, P.; Smillie, R.W. 2020. Geological surveys as research-focussed organisations : New Zealand's experience and opportunities, The changing role of geological surveys : p. 213-223. DOI: 10.1144/SP499-2019-63.
  • Fearnley, C.J.; Bird, D.K.; Haynes, K.; McGuire, W.J.; Jolly, G.E. 2018. Volcanic crisis communication : where do we go from here?, Observing the volcano world : volcano crisis communication : p. 751-754. DOI: 10.1007/11157_2017_27.
  • Deligne, N.I.; Jolly, G.E.; Taig, T.; Webb, T.H. 2018. Evaluating life-safety risk for fieldwork on active volcanoes : the volcano life risk estimator (VoLREst), a volcano observatory’s decision-support tool, Journal of applied volcanology 7: article 7. DOI: 10.1186/s13617-018-0076-y.
  • Potter, S.H.; Jolly, G.E.; Neall, V.E.; Johnston, D.M.; Scott, B.J. 2014. Communicating the status of volcanic activity : revising New Zealand’s volcanic alert level system, Journal of applied volcanology 3(1): article 13 (16 p.). DOI: 10.1186/s13617-014-0013-7.
  • Jolly, G.E.; Keys, H.J.R.; Procter, J.; Deligne, N.I. 2014. Overview of the co-ordinated risk-based approach to science and management response and recovery for the 2012 eruptions of Tongariro volcano, New Zealand, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 286: p. 184-207. DOI: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2014.08.028.
  • Sandri, L.; Jolly, G.E.; Lindsay, J.; Howe, T.; Marzocchi, W. 2012. Combining long- and short-term probabilistic volcanic hazard assessment with cost-benefit analysis to support decision making in a volcanic crisis from the Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand, Bulletin of Volcanology 74(3): p. 705-723. DOI: 10.1007/s00445-011-0556-y.
  • Devine, J.D.; Rutherford, M.J.; Norton, G.E.; Young, S.R. 2003. Magma storage region processes inferred from geochemistry of Fe-Ti oxides in andesitic magma, Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, WI, Journal of Petrology 44(8): p. 1375-1400.
  • Pinkerton, H.; Norton, G.E. 1995. Rheological properties of basaltic lavas at sub-liquidus temperatures : laboratory and field measurements on lavas from Mount Etna, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 68(4): p. 307-323.

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