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Georgia GrantSedimentologist - Coastal Processes

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Geological Mapping & Stratigraphy

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Georgia is sedimentologist within the Surface Geoscience Department. Her research interests focus on climate variability in recent periods and past warmer climates, including Antarctic Ice Sheet and sea-level change. She analyses the statistical frequency of physical and geochemical characteristics of shallow-marine and deep-marine sediment cores.


  • BSc, Geology
  • MSc, Geology
  • PhD, Geology

Areas of expertise

  • Business Development: Well site biostratigraphy
  • Business Development: Antarctic Geology
  • Business Development: Climate Science
  • Business Development: Sea-level Rise

Major Publications

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  • Taylor, S.P.; Patterson, M.O.; Lam, A.R.; Jones, H.; Woodard, S.C.; Habicht, M.H.; Thomas, E.K.; Grant, G.R. 2022. Expanded North Pacific Subtropical Gyre and heterodyne expression during the Mid-Pleistocene, Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 37(5): e2021PA004395. DOI: 10.1029/2021PA004395.
  • Grant, G.R.; Naish, T.R. 2021. Pliocene sea level revisited : is there more than meets the eye?, PAGES Magazine 29(1): p. 34-35. DOI: 10.22498/pages.29.1.34.
  • Grant ,G.R.; Naish, T.R.; Dunbar, G.B.; Stocchi, P.; Kominz, M.A.; Kamp, P.J.J.; Tapia, C.A.; McKay, R.M.; Levy, R.H.; Patterson, M.O. 2019. The amplitude and origin of sea-level variability during the Pliocene epoch, Nature 574(7777): DOI: 10.1038/s41586-019-1619-z.
  • Tapia, C.A.; Grant, G.R.; Turner, G.M.; Sefton, J.P.; Naish, T.R.; Dunbar, G.; Ohneiser, C. 2019. High-resolution magnetostratigraphy of mid-Pliocene (3.3-3.0 Ma) shallow-marine sediments, Whanganui Basin, New Zealand, Geophysical Journal International 217(1): p. 41-57. DOI: 10.1093/gji/ggz004.
  • Grant, G.R.; Sefton, J.P.; Patterson, M.O.; Naish, T.R.; Dunbar, G.B.; Hayward, B.W.; Morgans, H.E.G.; Alloway, B.V.; Seward, D.; Tapia, C.A.; Prebble, J.G.; Kamp, P.J.J.; McKay, R.; Ohneiser, C.; Turner, G.M. 2018. Mid- to late Pliocene (3.3–2.6 Ma) global sea-level fluctuations recorded on a continental shelf transect, Whanganui Basin, New Zealand, Quaternary Science Reviews 201: p.241-260. DOI: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2018.09.044.

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