Water Dating Course

This water dating course covers an introduction to understanding the definitions of water age and age distributions in a water sample. The course encompasses the methods available for age dating and the role that water dating can play in the management of hydrological systems.

The course can be tailored to your individual needs and can cover any of the following range of topics:
  • Stable isotopes, hydrochemistry, and noble gases as tracers for groundwater source
  • Dating water using tritium, deuterium, gas tracers such as CFCs and SF6, 32Si and 14C.
  • Using different chemical tracers to age and interpret ground water data
  • Sampling demonstrations
  • Hands-on exercises in using lumped parameter models to interpret age tracer data and to calculate groundwater age

The course frequency is dependent on demand. Please contact us if you or your organisation would like to participate in a course or would like any more information.


Below is a small example of some of the feedback we received from the last water dating course which was run in May 2013.

“I benefited significantly from attending the course.”

“This is a unique course which is so very beneficial.”

“...useful course with plenty of applicable information.”