Following the 4th September Darfield earthquake up to 200 miniature seismometers were deployed in the houses of volunteer seismometer hosts in the Christchurch region. The data have been used to investigate variations in ground motion within the region and also to develop algorithms to rapidly detect and locate earthquakes. We greatly appreciate the cooperation and assistance from our volunteer seismometer hosts in Canterbury.

We currently have a number of sensors available to redistribute in the region. The only requirement for hosting a sensor is that the host computer has a broadband connection to the internet, and will remain switched on most of the time. Also the host must be willing to install the sensor themselves (this takes approximately 20 mins and involves downloading and setting up the relevant software and mounting the sensor to the floor). The software runs in the background of your computer and sends very small amounts of data (approximately 1 MB per day) over the internet. If you live in Christchurch and would like to host one of our miniature seismometers, please contact us at eqsensors@gns.cri.nz. Installing and hosting a sensor will be on a voluntary basis, although we can provide instructions and some email support.

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