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Hazard monitoring

24/7 monitoring of natural hazards and rapid response to events.

Natural hazard monitoring is a crucial step in achieving a state of readiness.

  • When, why and how a hazard may occur?
  • What are the warning signs?
  • How do we minimise risk?

Our seismologists, geodesists, volcanologists, earthquake geologists and landslide scientists deliver world-leading hazard monitoring services, and rapid-response teams.

Our hazard monitoring is underpinned by the GeoNet Project, 24/7 monitoring of New Zealand’s earthquakes, volcanoes, land deformation and stability, geothermal activity and tsunami.

ruepehu lahar monitoring

Lahar monitoring site, Mt Ruapehu

Monitoring is undertaken through specialist data gathering and communication systems, geological exploration, site visits and collaborative studies of current and historic events.

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  • GeoNet - real-time New Zealand hazard monitoring

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