Natural Hazards and Risks

Understanding, monitoring and planning for community protection.

Hazards & Tectonics

If the Earth’s history is represented by a 24-hour clock, then New Zealand has only emerged in the last half hour. Ground forces beneath us are constantly at work shaping the Earth’s surface, usually gradually and unnoticeably but occasionally with cataclysmic force and devastating results. The plate tectonics that have created our dramatic and beautiful landscapes also make New Zealand prone to natural hazards. We assist communities to build resilience through our research and consultancy in hazard monitoring, modelling, land use planning, building design, emergency management and education. RECENT EVENTS HERE.

  • Earthquakes

    Understanding and monitoring seismic activity.

  • Tsunami

    Modelling tsunami and developing warning systems.

  • Social science

    Risk & Society
    Building community resilience through risk modelling, planning and surveillance

  • Landslides

    Monitoring and modelling ground movement and slope stability.

  • Volcanoes

    Studying past eruptions and monitoring active volcanoes.

Our 24/7 services:

  • GeoNet - our near real-time New Zealand hazard monitoring network

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