Online Resources

GNS Science provides online specialist resources for paleontology and stratigraphy.

Nationally significant paleontology databases and collections:

  • Fossil Record File Database: fossil localities in New Zealand and nearby regions including South Pacific Islands and the Ross Sea region of Antarctica.
  • Micropaleontology Reference Centre: A reference collection of representative micropaleontology samples from sediment cores collected by the Integrated Ocean Discovery Program and its predecessor programs (DSDP and ODP).

Online specialist resources for paleontology and stratigraphy:

  • Cenozoic Mollusca of New Zealand: revised descriptions of nearly 600 Cenozoic mollusca, from "Cenozoic Mollusca of New Zealand" by Beu & Maxwell (1990). The latter publication is also available as a downloadable PDF file.
  • Paleogeographic Maps: reconstructions of the New Zealand landmass and offshore sedimentary basins from the Cretaceous to present day.