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The Tasman Frontier region is a vast submerged continental fragment of over 3,000,000 sq km between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. It hosts unexplored sedimentary basins, some of which may share a common geological origin with the Taranaki and Gippsland basins, where petroleum production is established.

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GNS Science has a range of expertise in the Tasman Frontier region and has been working in collaboration with a number of leading organisations in this area. A range of products and links to the Tasman Frontier Wiki page are provided below.

Tasman Frontier database, Compilation of seismic reflection data, and GNS Science Report 2012/01:
You may copy GNS Science Report 2012/01, according to licence within.
2012-01_SR_Tasman_Frontier.pdf (2.73 MB)

Order a full copy of the report and SEG-Y data (56 GB) from our sales office

The Tasman Frontier database is a compilation of digital seismic reflection data from the region that are able to be made publicly available, as at March 2012. The database contains c. 100,000 line km of seismic reflection data that have been modified to seg-y format with uniform header information and byte location positions of key fields, so that they can be easily loaded into a computer workstation.

The report and database is a collaborative initiative between GNS Science, Geoscience Australia, Service Géologique de Nouvelle-Calédonie (SGNC-DIMENC), Agence de Développement Economique de la Nouvelle-Calédonie (ADECAL), and Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer (IFREMER).

Tasman Frontier Petroleum Prospectivity Report and GIS project:

A petroleum prospectivity screening report for the Tasman Frontier region.

This is a multi-client report and is part of the GNS basin screening series. This report sits alongside a GIS project and interpreted seismic data.(POA).

This report and associated GIS project and interpreted seismic data are products solely produced by GNS Science for exploration purposes.

Contact our business development team for more information on this product. Download the flyer here: Tasman_Frontier_Petroleum_Prospectivity.pdf (4.70 MB)

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Latest news; June 2014, a fix for a navigation error in the Tasman Frontier Database is now available

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