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Basin dynamics and sedimentary cycle

NZ plates map

This research aims to improve understanding of the structural evolution of New Zealand's sedimentary basins within the framework of the tectonic reconstruction of New Zealand and the South Pacific. The results of this research help to provide the framework for other research themes in the Basin Evolution and Petroleum Potential Programme, and support other GNS research programmes. Outputs from this research also help industry and government organisations identify new resources and exploration opportunities.

The focus of new research is in the development of regional models of plate reconstructions, sediment distribution, paleogeography, and crustal thickness. A major component is the development of structural models for the Neogene deformation of the North Island. There is a quantitative focus, including numerical modelling and collection of limited amounts of data in strategic locations as required.

 Quantifying the spatial and temporal distribution of sediments, and the timing, magnitudes and styles of deformation that have occurred in the last 25 million years is vital for enhancing knowledge of petroleum systems in New Zealand. Structural models and play concepts derived from this research will help exploration strategies in New Zealand's petroleum provinces.

Taranaki Great South Basin

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