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New Zealand Geomagnetic Database

Click to download a PDF of this poster

Click to download a PDF of this poster.

The New Zealand Geomagnetic Database is a vehicle for transferring critical Southern Hemisphere Earth’s magnetic field measurements continuously collected at the Eyrewell (Canterbury), Scott Base (Antarctica), and Apia (Samoa) geomagnetic observatories to the global INTERMAGNET database. Through INTERMAGNET (International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network) the data are easily accessible and freely available to the public. Scientists around the globe use INTERMAGNET data to improve the understanding of the dynamics within the Earth’s core that drive our protective shield and how it changes over time. Geomagnetic storms as potential hazards to power grids and therefore to society are of particular interest for New Zealand.

Paper records

The database contains paper records of geomagnetic field values collected at Apia in 1908-1994, at Scott Base in 1957-1994, and in Canterbury in 1916-1995 (at Amberly until 1977, at Eyrewell from 1978).

Digital records

Digital records for Eyrewell (EYR), Scott Base (SBA) and Apia (API) geomagnetic observatories are available since 1951 with formats and sampling rates changing over time.

 The 1991-2013 definitive data can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.intermagnet.org/data/cdrom/.

 The 1-second and 1-minute preliminary data for EYR, SBA and API can be downloaded via a free web access provided by INTERMAGNET at http://www.intermagnet.org/data-donnee/download-eng.php (1-min EYR available since 1994, SBA since 1996, and API since 1999).

Contact: Tanja Petersen