Capture Zone delineation simple methods spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is a tool developed alongside the NZ capture zone delineation guidelines, through Environlink funding (MBIE).

CZ delineation spreadsheet graphic

  Author: Magali Moreau
  Funded through GWR - NGMP
  Date published: 2013
  Platform: Windows, Excel



This GIS tool is free to use for non-commercial applications


This spreadsheet is a visualisation tool to assess the relative sizes of capture zones using the simple methods (calculated fixed radius, uniform flow equation).

The user is prompted to enter site-specific values which will refresh the graph and enable the simultaneous view of the protection and capture zone for the site, assuming ambient groundwater flow along the x-axis. Empty cells will result in the graph remaining blank.

More information

Moreau, M.; Nokes, C.; Cameron, S.; Hadfield, J.; Gusyev, M.; Tschritter, C.; Daughney, C. 2014. Capture zone guidelines for New Zealand, GNS Science Report 2013/56. 52 p.

Moreau, M.; Cameron, S.; Daughney, C.; Gusyev, M.; Tschritter, C. 2014. Envirolink Tools Project – Capture Zone Delineation – Technical Report, GNS Science Report 2013/57. 98 p