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Recommended Reading for students

School Journals

  • Part 2 No 1 1981 Workers of White Island by Jane Thomson – article about sulphur mining on White Island
  • Inside a Volcano by Claude Sarich - recount of a sulphur miner’s experience on White Island
  • Part 3 No 2 1981 Underwater Volcano by E.A. Crane - article about the formation of a new volcanic island near Tonga
  • Part 4 No 2 1999 The Mountain by Rhonda Bartle -story of an imaginary experience of the Tarawera eruption
  • Part 4 No 3 2000 Tragedy at Tangiwai by Aaron Hanning - article about the Tangiwai Disaster written by a 12 year old student
  • On the Train to Tangiwai by Jillian Sullivan - poem
  • Part 2 No 2 2002 Make a Volcano by Jan Trafford - instructions for a vinegar and baking soda volcano
  • Part 4 No 3 2004 A Bit of a Bang by David Hill -article about the 186AD eruption of Taupo
  • Connected 2 2000 Jago Descends by Louise Thomas -article about exploration of the Taupo lakebed by a mini submarine
  • Connected 2 2005 Living on a Lava Flow by Jill MacGregor - article about life on a Samoan lava flow

 New Zealand Novels

  • Under the Mountain by Maurice Gee - fantasy fiction set in Auckland, recently released as a movie.
  • The Sleeper Wakes by David Hill - an action packed fictional eruption of Taranaki.

Non fiction

  • Rangitoto by Maria Gill (2009) - pictures and text describing the creation of Rangitoto, -teachers resource unit for Years 3-8 available.
  • The Volcano Book: Erupting Near You by Dr Gill Jolly (2008) - pictures and text about NZ and world volcanoes Teachers resource available.
  • Ruapehu Erupts by Karen Williams (2008) -pictures and text showing the 1995/6 eruption of Ruapehu