Lessons 1-13

Download a full PDF file of all 13 Volcano lesson plans, teachers notes and activity here:

Lesson 1. Volcanoes: What is a volcano and where are New Zealand’s volcanoes?

  •  features of the Earth’s surface; location, appearance and structure of NZ’s volcanoes

Lesson 2. Inside the Earth: What’s inside the Earth?

  •  the internal layers of the Earth and the properties of the crust, mantle and core

Lesson 3. The Crust: How does the crust move?

  •  crustal (tectonic) plates and how they interact as they move

Lesson 4. Moving Plates: What pushes the plates along?

  •  convection currents

Lesson 5. Creating and Destroying Plates: What happens when plates move?

  •  modelling interactions between plates; converging and diverging plate boundaries

Lesson 6. New Zealand’s Plates: What’s happening with New Zealand’s plates?

  •  modelling NZ’s position on a plate boundary, linking subduction to volcanism

Lesson 7. Magma: Why don’t all volcanoes look and act the same?

  •  linking volcano structure and behaviour to magma composition, effects of viscosity and gas on the explosiveness of magma

Lesson 8. Eruption Products: What can volcanoes produce?

  •  the eruptive products of different NZ volcanoes and how they relate to different magmas

Lesson 9. Making a Volcano: How can we make a volcano and use it to educate others?

  •  gather information from Volcano Fact Sheets and other sources
  •  create a model of a NZ volcano, erupt it and present information to peers

Lesson 10. New Zealand Eruptions: What has happened in New Zealand’s recent eruptions?

  •  the impact of 3 NZ eruptions (Taupo, Tarawera and Ruapehu) on people and the environment

Lesson 11. Monitoring Volcanoes: How and why are volcanoes monitored?

  •  the warning signs of volcanic unrest and how they are measured

Lesson 12. Preparing for Eruptions: What will happen in future eruptions and how can we be prepared?

  •  likely scenarios; the roles of individuals, scientists and Civil Defence in preparing and coping

Lesson 13. Benefits of Volcanoes: What benefits do volcanoes bring to New Zealand?

  •  economic and environmental advantages of volcanism and geothermal fields