Ash resource

White Island

White Island. Image by Julian Thomson

Ash fall is the most likely volcanic hazard to impact you. You will only be effected if the wind blows the ash cloud your way. Knowing what to do before you have to do it is very important. Eruptions from volcanoes like Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and White Island will most likely produce light ash falls (less than 50 mm) thick.

Researchers on the impacts and issues related to volcanic ash have produced an extensive online resource ( Using this resource you can find out more about volcanic ash. Information like ‘What is Volcanic Ash’, ‘What is it like during an ashfall’ and guidance on what to do.

The resource covers Agriculture, Buildings, Communications, Health, Power Supplies, Transportation, Water Supplies and Waste Water. Also covered are actions you can take and how to clean up after an ashfall.