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New map shows Lake Rotomahana in more detail than ever

New map shows Lake Rotomahana in more detail than ever

Media Releases and News

GNS Science and East Coast Life at the Boundary - 03/06/2021

New slow slip event prompts scientists’ dash to install instruments

Narrowing the search for the cause of ‘slow-slip’ earthquakes - 26/05/2021

Combining supercomputers with seismic ‘CT’ scans is the latest approach scientists are using to better understand the causes of slow-slip earthquakes that occur on Hikurangi subduction zone off the North Island’s east coast. 

Continent of Zealandia older than previously thought, study finds - 18/05/2021

Tiny mineral grains taken from granite rocks collected in Fiordland and Stewart Island have led to a potential breakthrough in ancient continental reconstructions.

Media briefing: New Alpine Fault research - 20/04/2021

New research finds Alpine Fault quake more likely than previously thought

Ancient footprints of Southern Alps glaciers track past climate changes - 19/03/2021

Detailed analysis of Southern Alps glacier landforms has produced a record of climate changes going back tens of thousands of years. The results give new insights into the natural functioning of the climate system, according to a new study co-authored by GNS Science.

New map shows Lake Rotomahana in more detail than ever - 17/03/2021

A new map of the lakefloor of Lake Rotomahana – produced by GNS Science – has a fan following even though it has only just been published.

One Week On: East Cape and Kermadec Earthquakes - 12/03/2021

One week on from the three large earthquakes off the East Cape and the Kermadec Islands (Rangitāhua), GNS Science researchers are digging into the data to find out more about the massive forces that caused them.

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