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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

GNS dam-cam films Crater Lake outburst - 27/03/2007

A camera installed by GNS Science near the summit of Ruapehu has captured the moment when the wall of tephra that had been holding back the Crater Lake failed, triggering the spectacular lahar.

Lahar researchers capture flood of information - 22/03/2007

Researchers from GNS Science and Massey University have spent the last three days gathering a flood of data about Sunday’s spectacular lahar as part of a $1 million research programme to gather maximum scientific value from the event.

Increased hydrothermal activity possible at Crater Lake - 19/03/2007

Volcanologists today said it was possible there could be increased volcanic activity at Mount Ruapehu following Sunday’s partial emptying of the crater lake to the former overflow level.

Steady progress in quake monitoring since Edgecumbe quake - 02/03/2007

New Zealand’s most damaging recent earthquake – a magnitude 6.1 jolt that struck eastern Bay of Plenty on the afternoon of March 2, 1987 – occurred 20 years ago today.

Hauraki Gulf earthquake shakes up Aucklanders - 22/02/2007

Aucklanders were shaken by three tremors last night. The largest of these was a magnitude 4.5 earthquake that struck at 9pm, and was felt from Warkworth in the north right through to Waihi at the base of Coromandel Peninsula.

Scientists call for earthquake forecasting centre in NZ - 16/02/2007

Some of New Zealand's top scientists and their overseas counterparts are pushing for the establishment of an earthquake and volcano forecasting centre.The aim is to make more effective use of New Zealand earthquake and volcano research to improve the understanding of natural hazards.

Laser measurements show erosion rate of Ruapehu crater dam - 13/02/2007

Government-owned science company GNS Science is using new laser technology to accurately measure erosion rates of the tephra dam at Mt Ruapehu’s Crater Lake.

Scientists gather valuable information on gas hydrates - 09/02/2007

Scientists on the German research ship Sonne have completed the first part of a three-month investigation of gas hydrates under the seafloor off the North Island's East Coast.

Researchers install lahar measuring equipment at Ruapehu Crater Lake - 12/01/2007

Scientists from GNS Science and the Department of Conservation installed a set of lake-monitoring equipment on Mount Ruapehu last weekend.

Scientists find Orakei Volcano is much older than previously thought - 11/01/2007

Scientists drilling into the Orakei Basin in Auckland have found the Orakei volcano is probably three times as old as previously thought.