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Ruapehu erupts - 26/09/2007

Mt Ruapehu erupted at approximately 8:23pm 25th September 2007, producing two lahars and a steam cloud that reached as high as 15,000 feet.

GNS Science wins funding for three new science projects - 07/09/2007

GNS Science has won funding of $2.16 million from the Marsden Fund for three new science projects.

Alex Malahoff leads govt science group - 03/09/2007

Dr Alex Malahoff, chief executive of GNS Science, has been elected President of the Association of Crown Research Institutes (ACRI). He succeeds Dr Warren Parker, chief executive of Landcare Research.

GeoNet wins website award - 06/08/2007

The high all-round quality of our GeoNet website has been recognised in the annual Computerworld Excellence Awards.

Geothermal energy looks to contribute more - 18/07/2007

Geothermal energy looks set to contribute more electricity to the national grid thanks to research initiatives aimed at increasing production from New Zealand’s geothermal areas.

New coordinator for NZ-German science relationships - 07/06/2007

Helping the blossoming New Zealand-Germany science relationship grow even stronger is the goal of Wellington’s Dr Frank Bruhn, New Zealand’s new science representative in Germany.

Northland's billion dollar mining sector untapped - 31/05/2007

Northland has a billion dollar mineral potential that could significantly boost employment and regional prosperity in the region, according to a new study.The study, conducted by GNS Science and the NZ Institute of Economic Research, has revealed that $28 billion of non-metallic and $5.2 billion of metallic mineral deposits are potentially present in the region. It is the first study of its type in New Zealand.

Head of science company honoured at business awards - 10/05/2007

The Chief Executive of GNS Science, Alex Malahoff, received a special honour at the annual Wellington Region Gold Awards this week.

New Zealand research features in international journal - 27/04/2007

Groundbreaking research by New Zealand scientists into earthquakes in the lower crust of the Earth has been published by the prestigious international scientific journal Nature.

State-of-the-art climate research centre opens - 12/04/2007

A new research centre for studying climate history in the Southern Hemisphere opened this week.The $1.4 million facility at GNS Science’s National Isotope Centre in Lower Hutt comprises laboratories, analytical equipment, and refrigerated rooms for the safe long-term storage of hundreds of metres of ice core from Antarctica and New Zealand glaciers.