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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

GNS Science to co-host geothermal workshop in Taiwan 10/04/2017

Crown Research Institute GNS Science is taking its geothermal expertise to Taiwan in May where it will jointly host a three-day workshop on the challenges of developing geothermal energy.

Lead fumes in urban air may still present an exposure risk - 29/03/2017

Air monitoring work by GNS Science has found that atmospheric concentrations of lead peak during winter in New Zealand urban centres.

Kaikoura quake may prompt rethink of earthquake hazard models internationally

Last November's magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake was so complex and unusual that it is likely to lead to changes in the way scientists think about earthquake hazards in plate boundary zones worldwide, a new study says.

Earthquakes shaking up New Zealand’s water systems - 16/03/2017

Recently published research from GNS Science and Victoria University of Wellington has provided a unique insight into the hydrological effects of earthquakes in New Zealand.

Research explores impacts of hypothetical volcanic eruption in Auckland - 03/03/2017

Understanding the possible impacts of a volcanic eruption in Auckland is one of the first steps in preparing the city to survive and even thrive after such an event, scientists said today.

New Zealand’s longest earthquake record… gets longer! - 03/03/2017

From the wilderness of Fiordland comes more clues about the behaviour of New Zealand’s longest onshore fault – the Alpine Fault.

New hidden continent mostly underwater, scientists say - 17/02/2017

New Zealand is not just a few small islands at the bottom of the world. It is actually part of a fairly large continent 94% of which is under the sea.

Scientists produce NZ’s first 34 million year land-based climate record based on fossil tree pollen - 01/02/2017

More than 2000 samples of fossilised tree pollen stored in Lower Hutt are helping scientists get a fuller picture of southern latitude climate over the past 34 million years covering a period when New Zealand was six to eight degrees Celsius warmer than today.

NZ and German scientists probe spectacular submarine volcanoes in the Kermadec Arc - 24/01/2017

Twenty-metre high chimneys belching out hot acidic mineral-rich fluids, forests of long-neck barnacles clinging to craggy rock formations, and beds of mussels lining vertical rock walls.

Continuing the 100-year tradition of Antarctic magnetic measurements - 18/01/2017

New Zealand scientists are in Antarctica this month collecting measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field that were first taken by Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition over 100 years ago.