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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

Dunedin study sets baseline for urban fault investigations - 26/07/2018

A GNS Science-led investigation of a handful of active faults in the wider Dunedin area has a mix of good and bad news for the city.

Sharing food authentication techniques with developing nations - 12/07/2018

GNS Science and the University of Otago recently joined forces to upskill developing countries in Asia and the Pacific in techniques for food authentication.

Scientists probe inner workings of a submarine volcano - 05/07/2018

An international team of scientists with several New Zealand participants has returned from a two-month voyage in the Kermadec Arc bristling with new knowledge about the inside workings of submarine volcanoes.

Kaikoura Quake information brought together in one science volume - 03/07/2018

GNS Science staff are major contributors to a landmark collection of research papers on the geoscience nitty-gritty of the 14 November 2016 magnitude 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake, which has been published this week.

Lessons about a future warmer world using data from the past - 26/06/2018

Research by a group of scientists from 17 countries has concluded that many current climate models may be underestimating projected changes within the next 80 years.

NZ scientists launch their part in bold project to map seafloor - 21/06/2018

New Zealand’s contribution to an ambitious international project aiming to map the entire seafloor of the world in less than 12 years was launched in Wellington this week.

International recognition for research output for GNS Science - 12/06/2018

GNS Science has been recognised for the high calibre of its research by being the top ranked corporate institution in the world for its output of publications in earth and environmental sciences.

Deep signals may hold clues for understanding how quakes start - 05/06/2018

Scientists studying earthquakes on a large fault in Alaska have identified types of seismic activity that can precede a normal earthquake.

Scientists ask for public help in finding missing instruments - 22/05/2018

Scientists have asked for public help in finding three ocean bottom seismometers, on loan from Japan, that failed to surface when they tried to pick them up from the seafloor two months ago.

Inangahua quake jolted NZ out of complacency - 19/05/2018

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the magnitude 7.1 Inangahua earthquake and scientists are among those reflecting on how much progress has been made in the world of earthquake science since 1968.