Petlab – Petrology Map

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Petlab is New Zealand’s national rock, mineral and geoanalytical database. It is operated by GNS Science, with GNS, Auckland, Waikato, Massey, Victoria, Canterbury and Otago universities all contributing data. This is part of the Nationally Significant "National Petrology Reference Collection and PET Database."

Nationally Significant Databases are those datasets and collections registered as important for New Zealand, and as such are supported by long-term government funding.


The database contains locations, descriptions and analyses of rock and mineral samples from onshore and offshore New Zealand, Antarctica and worldwide.

Petlab supports and provides digital information on rock and mineral samples in the National Petrology Reference Collection (NPRC) curated by GNS Science, as well as similar rock collections held by geoscience departments of New Zealand universities. Information is sourced from published journal articles, unpublished student theses, and open file reports.

The Petlab database houses a wide range of sample information and analytical data including: Sample locations, rock types, stratigraphic units etc.; petrographic descriptions; whole rock and mineral chemistry (major, trace and REE elements, and isotopic ratios); radiometric ages; detrital zircon analyses; Geophysics Division rock properties data; DEVORA (Determining Volcanic Risk in Auckland) borehole information; NZGS Sedimentology Laboratory heavy mineral analyses; GANOVEX Antarctica sample information; and NZ tephra geochemical and tephrochronological data.