National Earthquake Information Database


This database provides raw and derived data related to earthquakes in New Zealand. Available to the public and researchers, this data aims to facilitate the creation of new knowledge through research into geological hazards, informing responses to geohazard events. This is a Nationally Significant resource.

Nationally Significant Databases are those datasets and collections registered as important for New Zealand, and as such, they are supported by long-term government funding.


The EID consists of a number of datasets, including:

The database also includes predigital data, in particular historical seismograms and felt reports. These are mostly paper seismograms with some film. Non-digitised historic data can be made available on request.

Citation: Please cite each resource separately as specified by the resource.

Paul Viskovic Geomodeller

Paul is an experienced technical scientist with skills in 3D surface modelling, database management, seismic data, historical seismology, velocity modelling and low temperature geothermal systems.

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