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Yannik BehrGeoNet Volcano Science Operations Specialist


AI and Advanced Analytics

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Yannik is a geophysicist and member of the AI and Advanced Analytics team in the Datascience and Geohazards Monitoring department. He has a keen interest in combining physics-based and statistical models and detecting anomalies in our observational data using machine learning. Yannik applies these interests to his work on seismic and volcano monitoring. His past work included ambient seismic noise tomography, seismic beamforming, and Earthquake Early Warning in New Zealand, California, and Europe.


  • MSc, Geophysics
  • PhD, Seismology

Areas of expertise

  • Geophysics: Seismology
  • Geophysics: Mathematical inversion techniques
  • Geophysics: Seismic tomography
  • Geophysics: Real-time seismological monitoring
  • Geophysics: Real-time seismological analysis
  • Geophysics: Data analysis
  • Geophysics: Data management
  • Geophysics: Applications of statistics
  • Geophysics: Time series techniques for data analysis
  • Geophysics: Volcanic surveillance
  • Geophysics: Strong motion accelerogram analysis
  • Geophysics: Seismograph array analysis
  • Information Technology: Shell scripting
  • Information Technology: Python
  • Geophysics: Noise interferometry
  • Geophysics: Earthquake Analysis - SeisComP3
  • Information Technology: Machine Learning
  • Information Technology: C/C++ programming