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Sapthala KaralliyaddaResearch Data Scientist

Karalliyadda Sapthala 3830


AI and Advanced Analytics

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As a research data scientist at GNS Science, I am interested in leveraging geophysical. geological and geospatial data for developing data-driven solutions to geoscience research problems. My research focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and advanced analytics to extract knowledge or insights from large datasets and the implementation of modern data science practices. I am also a geophysicist with an observational seismology background. I have experience with geophysical / geological data processing & modelling, and geospatial data-analysis using specialized computer applications and programming languages. I collaborate with a diverse group of researchers (Atmospheric science, Paleobiology, Hydrogeology, Earthquake geology and Risk engineering etc.) across GNS Science in Data-Science research.


  • BSc (1st class) Honors, Physical Science/Geology
  • PhD, Geophysics/Seismology

Areas of expertise

  • Geophysics: Seismology
  • Geophysics: Seismic reflection processing
  • Geophysics: Seismic wave propagation
  • Geophysics: Seismic tomography
  • Technical: GIS
  • Geophysics: Seismic anisotropy
  • Geophysics: Data analysis
  • Geophysics: Data processing
  • Geophysics: Technical Computer Applications
  • Geophysics: Data management
  • Geophysics: Field data collection
  • Geophysics: Modelling
  • Geophysics: Field equipment deployment
  • Geophysics: Depth Imaging of seismic data
  • Technical: Installation of seismic recorders
  • Technical: Software development
  • Geophysics: GLOBE Claritas
  • Geology: Plate boundary deformation processes
  • Technical: Data analysis
  • Geophysics: Seismic interpretation
  • Technical: Seismic Data Management
  • Information Technology: GIS and other geotechnical software
  • Information Technology: Shell scripting
  • Information Technology: Python
  • Geophysics: Remote sensing
  • Geophysics: Passive source seismology
  • Technical: Mathematical and numerical modeling
  • Technical: Geophysical methods and modeling
  • Technical: Optimization methods and applications
  • Information Technology: MatLab
  • Technical: Database management
  • Geophysics: Bathymetry
  • Geophysics: Airborne Geophysical surveying
  • Technical: Advanced Python programming
  • Technical: Python programming
  • Information Technology: DevOps
  • Information Technology: Agile
  • Technical: Artificial Intelligence
  • Information Technology: Machine Learning
  • Information Technology: Data Science
  • Geophysics: Oasis montaj - Geosoft
  • Geology: Spatial data analysis
  • Business Development: Automated software testing
  • Business Development: Advanced Analytics

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