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Paul A WhiteSenior Groundwater Scientist - Numerical Modelling

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Hydrogeology and Geophysics

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  • BSc (1st class) Honors, Geophysics
  • BSc, Geology/Physics

Areas of expertise

  • Geophysics: Ground water flow systems analysis
  • Geophysics: Hydrogeology
  • Geophysics: Ground water modelling

Major Publications

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  • White, P.A. 2020. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and water management, Journal of Hydrology, New Zealand 59(1): p. 1-16.
  • White, P.A.; Bidois, L.-A.; Mohi, G.; McGrath, W. 2020. Kaitiaki flow and management regime in the spring-fed Awahou Stream, Lake Rotorua, Journal of Hydrology, New Zealand 59(1): p. 63-78.
  • Rattenbury, M.S.; White, P.A.; Tschritter, C.; Jones, K.E.; Hill, M.P.; Alcaraz, S.A.; Viskovic, G.P.D. 2019. New Zealand 3D geological mapping and modelling, 2019 synopsis of current three-dimensional geological mapping and modelling in geological survey organizations : p. 201-212.
  • Glynn, P.D.; Voinov, A.A.; Shapiro, C.D.; White, P.A. 2017. From data to decisions : processing information, biases, and beliefs for improved management of natural resources and environments, Earth 5(4): p. 356-378. DOI: 10.1002/2016EF000487.
  • White, P.A.; Close, M. 2016. Groundwater systems, Advances in New Zealand freshwater science : p. 325-343.
  • White, P.A.; Tschritter, C.; Davidson, P. 2016. Groundwater-surface water interaction in a coastal aquifer system, Wairau Plain, Marlborough, New Zealand, Journal of Hydrology, New Zealand 55(1): p. 25-43.
  • White, P.A. 2012. New Zealand Maori Council claim to the Waitangi Tribunal and water management in New Zealand, New Zealand science review 69(4): p. 82-85.
  • White, P.A.; Kovacova, E.; Zemansky, G.M.; Jebbour, N.; Moreau-Fournier, M. 2012. Groundwater-surface water interaction in the Waimakariri River, New Zealand, and groundwater outflow from the river bed, Journal of Hydrology, New Zealand 51(1): p. 1-24.
  • Raiber, M.; White, P.A.; Daughney, C.J.; Tschritter, C.; Davidson, P.; Bainbridge, S.E. 2012. Three-dimensional geological modelling and multivariate statistical analysis of water chemistry data to analyse and visualise aquifer structure and groundwater composition in the Wairau Plain, Marlborough District, New Zealand, Journal of Hydrology 436-437: p. 13-34. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2012.01.045.
  • White, P.A. 2011. Economic drivers of land use and groundwater use by irrigators, Waimea Plains, Nelson, New Zealand, New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 45(3): p. 513-524. DOI: 10.1080/00288330.2011.593181.
  • White, P.A. 2009. Avon River springs catchment, Christchurch City, New Zealand, Australian journal of earth sciences 56(1): p. 61-70. DOI: 10.1080/08120090802542075.
  • Hong, Y.S.; White, P.A. 2009. Hydrological modeling using a dynamic neuro-fuzzy system with on-line and local learning algorithm, Advances in Water Resources 32(1): p. 110-119. DOI: 10.1016/j.advwatres.2008.10.006.
  • White, P.A.; Hunt, T.M. 2005. Simple modelling of the effects of exploitation on hot springs, Geyser Valley, Wairakei, New Zealand, Geothermics 34(2): p. 187-207.
  • White, P.A.; Hong, Y.S.; Reeves, R.R. 2003. Long-term sustainability of groundwater resources : an approach using integrated hydrogeological and economic models, Episodes 26(2): p. 119-123.
  • White, P.A.; Hong, Y.S.; Murray, D.L.; Scott, D.M.; Thorpe, H.R. 2003. Evaluation of regional models of rainfall recharge to groundwater by comparison with lysimeter measurements, Canterbury, New Zealand, Journal of Hydrology, New Zealand 42(1): p. 39-64.
  • White, P.A.; Sharp, B.M.H.; Kerr, G.N. 2001. Economic valuation of the Waimea Plains groundwater system, Journal of Hydrology, New Zealand 40(1): p. 59-76.
  • White, P.A.; Clausen, B.; Hunt, B.; Cameron, S.G.; Weir, J.J. 2001. Groundwater-surface water interaction, Groundwaters of New Zealand : p. 133-160.
  • Rosen, M.R.; White, P.A. (eds.) 2001. Groundwaters of New Zealand
  • White, P.A. 2001. Groundwater resources in New Zealand, Groundwaters of New Zealand : p. 45-75.
  • Weeber, J.H.; Brown, L.J.; White, P.A.; Russell, W.J.; Thorpe, H.R. 2001. A history of groundwater development in New Zealand, Groundwaters of New Zealand : p. 5-44.
  • White, P.A.; Reeves, R.R. 1999. Waimea Plains aquifer structure as determined by three-dimensional computer modelling, Journal of Hydrology, New Zealand 38(1): p. 49-75.
  • White, P.A. 1997. Hydrological extremes and the groundwater system, Floods and droughts : the New Zealand experience : p. 143-157.
  • White, P.A. 1994. Electrode arrays for measuring groundwater flow direction and velocity, Geophysics 59(2): p. 192-201.
  • White, P.A. 1988. Measurement of ground-water parameters using salt-water injection and surface resistivity, Ground water 26(2): p. 179-186.
  • White, P.A. 1985. Handbook on hydrogeological applications of earth resistivity measurements


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