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Nancy BertlerLead Scientist - Ice Core Research Facility

Bertler Nancy 2210


Environmental Processes and Modelling

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  • PhD, Geology
  • MSc, Quaternary Sciences

Areas of expertise

  • Technical: Field Work
  • Geochemist: Geochemistry
  • Geochemist: Stable Isotopes
  • Geochemist: Stable Isotope Chemistry
  • Geochemist: Environmental & sampling statistics
  • Technical: Isotope mass spectrometry
  • Geochemist: Isotope Geochemistry
  • Technical: Data analysis
  • Paleoclimate: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction
  • Business Development: Biosecurity accreditation
  • Geochemist: Global Environmental Change
  • Geochemist: Geochronology/Stable Isotopes
  • Paleoclimate: Ice core analyses
  • Technical: ICP-MS trace element analysis
  • Technical: ICP-OES analysis

Major Publications

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  • Lowry, D.P.; Golledge, N.R.; Bertler, N.A.N.; Jones, R.S.; McKay, R.; Stutz, J. 2020. Geologic controls on ice sheet sensitivity to deglacial climate forcing in the Ross Embayment, Antarctica, Quaternary Science Advances 1: article 100002. DOI: 10.1016/j.qsa.2020.100002. article 100002
  • Lowry, D.P.; Golledge, N.R.; Bertler, N.A.N.; Jones, R.S.; McKay, R. 2019. Deglacial grounding-line retreat in the Ross Embayment, Antarctica, controlled by ocean and atmosphere forcing, Science Advances 5(8): eaav8754. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aav8754. eaav8754
  • Lowry, D.P.; Golledge, N.R.; Menviel, L.; Bertler, N.A.N. 2019. Deglacial evolution of regional Antarctic climate and Southern Ocean conditions in transient climate simulations, Climate of the past 15(1): p. 189-215. DOI: 10.5194/cp-15-189-2019. p. 189-215
  • Bracegirdle, T.J.; Colleoni, F.; Abram, N.J.; Bertler, N.A.N.; Dixon, D.A.; England, M.; Favier, V.; Fogwill, C.J.; Fyfe, J.C.; Goodwin, I.; Goosse, H.; Hobbs, W.; Jones, J.M.; Keller, E.D.; Khan, A.L.; Phipps, S.J.; Raphael, M.N.; Russell, J.; Sime, L.; 2019. Back to the future : using long-term observational and paleo-proxy reconstructions to improve model projections of Antarctic climate, Geosciences (Basel, Switzerland) 9(6): article 255. DOI: 10.3390/geosciences9060255. article 255
  • Bertler, N.A.N.; Conway, H.; Dahl-Jensen, D.; Emanuelsson, D.B.; Winstrup, M.; Vallelonga, P.T.; Lee, J.E.; Brook, E.J.; Severinghaus, J.P.; Fudge, T.J.; Keller, E.D.; Baisden, W.T.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Neff, P.D.; Blunier, T.; Edwards, R.; Mayewski, P.A.; 2018. The Ross Sea dipole - temperature, snow accumulation and sea ice variability in the Ross Sea region, Antarctica, over the past 2,700 years, Climate of the past 14: p. 193-214. DOI: 10.5194/cp-14-193-2018. p. 193-214
  • Stenni, B.; Curran, M.A.J.; Abram, N.J.; Orsi, A.; Goursaund, S.; Masson-Delmotte, V.; Neukom, R.; Goosse, H.; Divine, D.; van Ommen, T.; Steig, E.J.; Dixon, D.A.; Thomas, E.R.; Bertler, N.A.N.; Isaksson, E.; Ekaykin, A.; Frezzotti, M.; Werner, M. 2017. Antarctic climate variability at regional and continental scales over the last 2,000 years, Climate of the past discussions 13(11): p. 1609-1634. DOI: 10.5194/cp-13-1609-2017. p. 1609-1634
  • Thomas, E.R.; van Wessem, J.M.; Roberts, J.; Isaksson, E.; Schlosser, E.; Fudge, T.J.; Vallelonga, P.; Medley, B.; Lenaerts, J.; Bertler, N.A.N.; van den Broeke, M.R.; Dixon, D.A.; Frezzotti, M.; Stenni, B.; Curran, M.; Ekaykin, A.A. 2017. Regional Antarctic snow accumulation over the past 1000 years, Climate of the past 13: p. 1491-1513. DOI: 10.5194/cp-13-1491-2017. p. 1491-1513
  • Emile-Geay, J.; McKay, N.; Kaufman, D.; von Gunten, L.; Wang, J.; Anchukaitis, K.; Abram, N.; Addison, J.; Curran, M.; Evans, M.; Henley, B.; Zhixin, H.; Martrat, B.; McGregor, H.; Neukom, R.; Pederson, G.; Stenni, S.; Thirumalai, K.; Werner, J.; Xu, C.; 2017. A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era, Scientific Data 4: article 170088. DOI: 10.1038/sdata.2017.88. article 170088
  • Bracegirdle, T.J.; Bertler, N.A.N.; Carleton, A.M.; Ding, Q.; Fogwill, C.J.; Fyfe, J.C.; Hellmer, H.H.; Karpechko, A.Y.; Kusahara, K.; Larour, E.; Mayewski, P.A.; Meier, W.N.; Polvani, L.M.; Russell, J.L.; Stevenson, S.L.; Turner, J.; Van Wessem, J.M.; Va 2016. A multidisciplinary perspective on climate model evaluation for Antarctica, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 97(2): p. ES23-ES26. DOI: 10.1175/BAMS-D-15-00108.1. p. ES23-ES26
  • Neff, P.D.; Bertler, N.A.N. 2015. Trajectory modeling of modern dust transport to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, Journal of Geophysical Research. Atmospheres 120(18): p. 9303-9322. DOI: 10.1002/2015JD023304. p. 9303-9322
  • Mayewski, P.A.; Bracegirdle, T.; Goodwin, I.; Schneider, D.; Bertler, N.A.N.; Birkel, S.; Carleton, A.; England, M.H.; Kang, J-H.; Khan, A.; Russell, J.; Turner, J.; Velicogna, I. 2015. Potential for Southern Hemisphere climate surprises, Journal of Quaternary Science 30(5): p. 391-395. DOI: 10.1002/jqs.2794. p. 391-395
  • Gutt, J.; Bertler, N.A.N.; Bracegirdle, T.J.; Buschmann, A.; Comiso, J.; Hosie, G.; Isla, E.; Schloss, I.R.; Smith, C.R.; Tournadre, J.; Xavier, J.C. 2015. The Southern Ocean ecosystem under multiple climate change stresses : an integrated circumpolar assessment, Global Change Biology 21(4): p. 1434-1453. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12794. p. 1434-1453
  • Sinclair, K.E.; Bertler, N.A.N.; Bowen, M.M.; Arrigo, K.R. 2014. Twentieth century sea-ice trends in the Ross Sea from a high-resolution, coastal ice-core record, Geophysical Research Letters 41(10): p. 3510-3516. DOI: 10.1002/2014GL059821. p. 3510-3516
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  • Markle, B.R.; Bertler, N.A.N.; Sinclair, K.E.; Sneed, S.B. 2012. Synoptic variability in the Ross Sea region, Antarctica, as seen from back-trajectory modeling and ice core analysis, Journal of Geophysical Research. Atmospheres 117: D02113. DOI: 10.1029/2011JD016437. D02113
  • Sinclair, K.E.; Bertler, N.A.N.; van Ommen, T.D. 2012. Twentieth-century surface temperature trends in the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica : evidence from a high-resolution ice core, Journal of climate 25(10): p. 3629-3636. DOI: 10.1175/JCLI-D-11-00496.1. p. 3629-3636
  • Bertler, N.A.N.; Mayewski, P.A.; Carter, L. 2011. Cold conditions in Antarctica during the Little Ice Age : implications for abrupt climate change mechanisms, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 308(1/2): p. 41-51. DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2011.05.021. p. 41-51
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