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Anya SewardGeothermal Geophysicist

Seward Anya 2401



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  • PhD, Geophysics
  • BSc Hons, Geophysics and Astronomy

Areas of expertise

  • Geophysics: Educational Outreach
  • Geophysics: Geophysical instrumentation
  • Geophysics: Field data collection
  • Geophysics: Field equipment deployment
  • Geophysics: Commercial contract work
  • Geophysics: Exploration Geophysics
  • Geology: Rock and soil properties
  • Geophysics: Infra-red
  • Geophysics: Remote sensing
  • Geophysics: Ground Source Heat pumps
  • Geophysics: Surface Heat flow
  • Geophysics: Thermal rock properties

Major Publications

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  • Seward, A.M.; Reeves, R.R.; Alcaraz, S.A. 2022. Assessment of the surface heat loss from Waimangu Geothermal Valley: Comparison of terrestrial based assessment techniques with remote sensing, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 430: article 107630. DOI: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2022.107630. article 107630
  • Seward, A.M.; Ashraf, S.; Reeves, R.R.; Bromley, C.J. 2018. Improved environmental monitoring of surface geothermal features through comparisons of thermal infra-red, satellite remote sensing and terrestrial calorimetry, Geothermics 73: p. 60-73. DOI: 10.1016/j.geothermics.2018.01.007. p. 60-73
  • Seward, A.M.; Sanders, F.; Mroczek, E.K.; Reeves, R.R.; Bromley, C.J.; Brakenrig, T.; Macdonald, N.; Graham, D.J.; Lor, S. 2018. Rotorua heat flow survey 2018 GNS Science consultancy report 2018/94 63 p.
  • Seward, A.M. 2017. Thermal rock properties : comparisons of apparent values determined from in-situ temperature profiles, and values determined by laboratory measurements, Proceedings 39th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, 21-25 November 2017 : paper 0113. paper 0113
  • Scott, B.J.; Mroczek, E.K.; Burnell, J.G.; Zarrouk, S.J.; Seward, A.M.; Robson, B.; Graham, D.J. 2016. Rotorua Geothermal Field : an experiment in environmental management, Taupo Volcanic Zone geothermal systems, New Zealand: Exploration, science and development : p. 294-310. DOI: 10.1016/j.geothermics.2015.09.004. p. 294-310
  • Seward, A.M. 2008. Modelling Pn wave speeds beneath the central North Island, New Zealand 183 p.

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