Pay Equity


GNS Science has been making progress to close the gender pay gap since forming a partnership with the PSA in 2016 to carry out GNS' first Pay and Employment Equity Review.

GNS Science is committed to Kia Toipoto and engaging with the PSA, our Diversity & Inclusion (DI) Committee and our Early Career Staff Network (ECSN) to continue to build an inclusive and equitable workplace for our people.

GNS Science’s 2016 Pay and Employment Equity Review (PEER) working group started the journey to close the gender pay gap. Our People and Culture Group has continued this work with a focus on representation of more women in leadership, and gender equity being monitored and improved upon during annual remuneration rounds.

Since 2016, the average gender pay gap at GNS Science has decreased from 21.6% (November 2016) to 10.17% (April 2023).

Additional steps taken by GNS Science include unconscious bias training for staff, a remuneration strategy that puts gender equity as a key priority, creation of employee led networks, focus on increasing female representation in senior roles, and inclusive leadership.

GNS Science is working to address a historical pay gap driven by under-representation of women in higher paid roles. Since the release of the 2017 PEER report, GNS Science has actioned a number of recommendations from the report. These have resulted in improved gender distribution within GNS Science as a whole and within our Senior Leadership team.

all GNS gender
'All of GNS Science' gender distribution between 2017 and 2022.
GNS Science Senior Leadership Team gender distribution.

Next steps in 2023




Meet with PSA, DI committee, and ECSN and to provide an overview of GNS' journey to date and invite to join Kia Toipoto working group.


Organisation wide drive to gather ethnicity and run first ethncity pay gap analysis.


Kia Toipoto working group meet to review data, understand Kia Toipoto requirements, and create an Action Plan for Senior Leadership Review.

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