Early Career Staff Network

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The Early Career Staff Network (ECSN) aims to empower early career staff and support their connection and career development. We focus on empowering GNS Science to grow as a diverse, inclusive, innovative and agile organization.

The ECSN aims to make and maintain GNS Science as a great place to work as an early career professional.

Our network and its role

The role of the ECSN is to communicate early career staff interests, engage in the implementation of solutions, and contribute to future decision-making, ensuring the voice of early career staff are represented in GNS strategy.

Meet this year's ECSN Council

The network is governed by a council composed of a diverse group of early career staff. The council is selected to be representative of all early career staff at GNS Science and is supported by two co-leaders who are elected at the yearly AGM by the ECSN membership.

Lawson Rachel 5071

Rachel Lawson

Social Science Technician

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"I joined the council to represent specialists and technicians who play an important part in the research cycle but may be inadvertently overlooked in ECS discussions. I'm excited to be meeting new people in different departments/sites at friendly and fun events. ECS voices as a collective have the opportunity to shape and enact change in the system we work in, now and for the future."

Reyes Lizette 4310

Lizette Reyes


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“I joined the council because I want to inspire, connect and empower the Early Career staff in our organisation and support the network with building strong relationships with everyone at GNS.”

Cook Michelle 4497

Michelle Cook

Energy Materials Scientist

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"I found a lot of value in the ECSN from very early on in my time here at GNS. The network provided me with connection and support, and I am very happy to be on the council and contribute to connecting and supporting other early career staff."

Gilmer Greer 4674

Greer Gilmer

Whitinga Post Doctoral Fellow

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“I joined the council to meet early career staff from the other GNS sites and highlight the voice of staff from Dunedin. I bring a different perspective to the council as a working parent and postdoc fellow. I am excited to work with the council to make sure that ECS ideas, innovations, and issues are heard across GNS.”

Pastor Paz Jacob 3686

Jacob Pastor-Paz

Natural Hazards Risk Modeller

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"I joined the council with the aim of supporting the development of early career staff. The work of the council can equip new cohorts/generations of early career staff with advice, guidance and tools to optimally settle and thrive in GNS. The council and the network are a space to promote capability development, the value of diversity, cultural exchange and engagement."

Rastin Sepideh J 3985

Sepideh J Rastin

Earthquake Data Scientist

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"ECSN represents the future of GNS, and my purpose in joining the council is to connect with and support the ECS in their career progression. My aim is to elevate the visibility of ECS, particularly fostering greater recognition for female scientists, in prestigious GNS awards. "

Jackson Dean 5559

Dean Jackson

Geohazard Analyst

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“I joined the council to support those within the Early Careers Staff Network develop a positive social environment. It is my goal in this post lockdown environment to create and nurture social links between different departments and bring people together.”

Wood Michael 3664

Michael Wood

Geohazard Analyst Shift Leader

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“I want to join the council to advocate for underrepresented groups within the organisation and strive for greater interconnectivity, empowerment and a sense of belonging across the diverse early career staff at GNS.”

Robb Kate 3934

Kate Robb

Document Specialist Lead

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“I joined the ECSN to help increase and support connections between our early career staff, particularly in terms of bringing the perspective of someone from outside the science teams. I provide document/publishing support and advice to the network, and I love to engage with everyone’s passions and skill sets that are so important for developing better futures together.

Ashraf Salman 2457

Salman Ashraf

Remote Sensing Scientist

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"I joined the council to foster a positive social environment for ECSN members with an emphasis on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within GNS. I believe that an inclusive and collective approach to early career development is essential in shaping the future of GNS."

Oluwunmi Paul 5534

Paul Oluwunmi

Numerical Groundwater Modeller

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“I joined the GNS Early Career Staff Council to support early career staff development and to advocate a more inclusive and supportive culture for all GNS staff.”

Santamaria Estefania 5040

Estefania Santamaria


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“I joined the Council because I would like to learn from, connect and share ideas with other people at GNS. As a female coming from a different cultural background, I know how important it is to feel comfortable, understood and included in the workplace. I hope to represent and support other ECS to bring their perspectives and voices to the table, to be themselves and achieve their full potential.”

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