Expertise & Research

Research_GNS_Santanu Misra


  • Highly experienced research team
  • Sample preparation and treatment for a wide range of rock and soil materials.
  • High resolution data acquisition and processing
  • Excellent work environment
  • Maintain strict Health and Safety regulations

Recent and on-going research projects

  • Estimation of Hoek-Brown parameter mi using direct and indirect tensile test (Read; NHRP)
  • Fault propagation in anisotropic rocks (Misra; SDF)
  • Landslide initiation and movement mechanisms in Utiku, New Zealand (Carey; NHRP and SDF)
  • Canterbury Earthquakes 2010/11 Port Hills Slope Stability (Carey, Misra, Bruce, Barker; NHRP)
  • Rheology and frictional properties of Wellington fault (Misra; EQC)