Sample Submission


Please contact us to discuss your needs before sending samples to our laboratory.

Please Note: All work undertaken by the laboratory will be completed under the GNS Standard Terms and Conditions unless agreed otherwise. Download them below: 

Terms and conditions

1. How to send samples
2. Documentation
3. Sample Types
4. Reporting Times

1. How to send samples

Use courier dispatch or registered post is preferred. Samples are acknowledged on receipt and assigned a laboratory batch number. On customs forms, please indicate that your samples are “Water/rock/soil samples for Chemical Analysis – No commercial value”.

Note that samples containing caustic or corrosive solvents will require correct dangerous goods shipping methods.

The laboratory can also supply you with suitable sampling containers and instructions on how to collect your samples.

Our Address:
 New Zealand Geothermal Analytical Laboratory
 GNS Science
 114 Karetoto Rd
 SH1, Wairakei 3384
 New Zealand

2. Documentation

Note: ALL overseas samples MUST be accompanied by a New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) import permit to comply with biosecurity regulations. The New Zealand Geothermal Analytical Laboratory is a MPI registered transitional facility able to receive water, rock and soil samples from overseas. We can provide you with an import permit to accompany your samples.

All samples should be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • Full name and contact address of the submitter including telephone, fax numbers and e-mail address;
  • Number of samples and list of samples names;
  • Parameters to be analysed for, for each sample;
  • Details on any sample preservatives added;
  • Details of any special treatment required such as drying, filtering, etc.

If the samples are being sent from overseas, please do not forget to include the appropriate MPI import permit.

3. Sample Types

All liquid samples must be sent in resealable leak-proof screw topped bottles inside a leak-proof container.

Gas samples must be collected using appropriate techniques into glass Giggenbach bottles (rotaflos). A 100 mL subsample of the caustic added to the rotaflos must be supplied in a separate bottle.
If supplying your own rotaflos, the following information is required:

empty rotaflo volumes,

the weight of rotaflo with caustic, and

weight of rotaflo with caustic and sample.

Samples should be packed so that no damage occurs during transport. Any evidence of damage or loss of sample during transport will be reported to the client upon receipt of the samples.

4. Reporting Times

The typical turnaround time for analysis is 10 working days after the receipt of the samples at the New Zealand Geothermal Analytical Laboratory, although alternative turnaround times may be arranged to fit your needs. You will be notified upon the receipt of your samples.

An official report is in hard copy form and is sent to the client by email but can be sent by other means if required. The invoice for sampling and analytical services accompanies the hard copy report. The report is also accompanied by a Statement of Analysis that lists the sampling/analytical work performed and their respective costs.