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Cosmogenic Isotope and Radiochemistry Laboratory

Isotope analysis and dating of sedimentary deposits, glacial moraines, rocks, minerals and fluids using 10Be, 226Ra, and Th series isotopes.

The GNS Science Cosmogenic Isotope and Radiochemistry Laboratory is a leader in the preparation and dating of relatively young geological materials using 10Be, 9Be, 7Be, 137Cs, 210Pb, and Th series isotopes.

Natural radioactive isotopes in geological materials provide a valuable tool for determining the time when geological events occurred.


The National Isotope Centre, Gracefield, Wellington.

The laboratory is part of the National Isotope Centre based in Wellington. We have over 30 years of experience, and have established the highest quality of sample preparation, analysis and method development.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our research and consultancy expertise.

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