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Consultancy Services

Our team can tell you why, how, where and how fast your land is moving.Our services include:

Slope and landslide management

GNS Science has the expertise, experience and resources to monitor, characterise and analyse land instability, including landslides, rock falls and erosion/deposition.

Safe dams

Dams play an integral role in the sustainable development of water resources for communities. GNS Science is a niche provider to dam engineering consultancy and asset management, providing professional services relating to foundation geology, seismic loads, reservoir stability and assessment of other geological hazards.

Ground conditions assessment

Estimating sediment thickness and how the sediment and the geometry of the bedrock surface is a key component of many engineering studies. Some studies do not require or cannot support the expense of high-resolution continuous geophysical data and would benefit from an inexpensive method capable of rapidly providing a robust estimate of bedrock depth at a point. The horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) seismic method is a novel, non-invasive technique that can be used to rapidly estimate the depth to bedrock.

GNS Science Rock and Soil Mechanics Laboratory

The GNS Science Rock and Soil Mechanics Laboratory is a facility set up for the determination of the mechanical properties of rock and soil materials.